10 March 2008

Boredom, Moving and Weather!!

I'm having a very bored day. I'm off work today because I worked a day at the weekend (when everyone else was off!!) so therefore I get a day off during the week (when everyone else is at work!!!) so hence I'm sitting around on my own with nothing to do.........well, nothing I want to do.

I wrote a poem about being bored once when I was bored.

Of course I could tidy the bedroom and try to sort some of my stuff out. My beloved and I will be moving out of the flat soon to go and live at my parents until we get married. I really ought to start setting stuff aside to take over so that we don't have a whole load to move at once.

My friend Vicki is coming over on thursday for a few days and after she's gone it'll be all stations go moving stuff over to my parents.

I didn't get much sleep last night because of very stormy weather. On the news yesterday, they were going on about a storm hitting England and Wales and I said "Surely, if it's going to hit England and Wales, it has to pass us first?!" But there was no mention at all of any inclement weather for Northern Ireland.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I had a vague thought that the kitchen window was slightly open and that maybe I should close it in case it got windy, but then there was no forecast of windy weather for us so I thought it would be ok.

I was awoken at around 2.45 am by ferocious wind and rain battering against the window. It sounded like there was a hurricane going on outside. As I woke up a little more, I could hear the sound of the front door rattling, then I remembered about the kitchen window. I think I swore quietly at this point imagining the window being blown open and things being smashed and broken in the kitchen.

It reminded me of a time when I was a child and we were on a boat to Liverpool and it was really stormy at sea.

When I got into the kitchen, the window had been blown wide open as I'd feared and the rain and wind were being blown in. It really did look like a storm at sea. I expected to see waves because the rain looked like sea spray. As the window is just behind the kitchen sink, I had to lunge across the sink to try and grab the handle of the window, but I couldn't reach it and was flailing about for a while balancing on the worktop getting battered by wind and rain. I doubt I would have fallen out of the window but it was really scary at the time. Eventually I had to climb onto the worktop to reach out to the window.

I was quite shaken when I eventually got the window closed. I couldn't sleep afterwards. I kept worrying about where the birds would go and where the ducks would go and then I was worrying about debris hitting our car and worrying if mum had brought in her potted plants in case they got damaged.

I put on BBC News 24 for a while but there was no mention of the storm. Well, they kept going on about it hitting England and Wales at dawn but they didn't say anything about the fact that it was currently battering the hell out of Belfast. Even today, they haven't said anything about it on the news.

Perhaps it was all a dream!

28 February 2008

Hello, I'm still around.......somewhere!!

I'm not very good at this updating thing. I think I'm getting lazy and can't be bothered of thinking of things to write.

Anyway, here I am now. Not been doing anything exciting really. Just going to work, coming home, getting into bed and watching telly as usual.

A friend of mine is coming over to visit in a couple of weeks. The visit has been planned for several months now and I'm really looking forward to seeing her especially as I've not seen her for a few years.

My fiance and I are going out to see the Shaolin Monks tomorrow night. They do mad stunts, acrobatics and Kung Fu stuff. I got the tickets for him for his birthday.

I can't really think of anything else to write. I think I'll go play Mahjong on my DS. I'm addicted to it. There's one level I can't do and it's really frustrating because I can't unlock any of the other levels until I do this one.

26 October 2007

ohh Neoplanet!!

Check out the Neoplanet thing I've just added to my blog. Scroll down and look on the right. It's very cool.

19 October 2007

Wee Survey on Belfast

There's going to be some new branding for Belfast in the near future and there's a public survey to help create the new brand. If you want to have a look and give your views on Belfast visit:


It doesn't matter if you have never been to Belfast. The survey aims to establish how people perceive Belfast.

29 August 2007



22 August 2007

I'm an Auntie Again!!

My sister-in-law had another wee baby boy. Another wee nephew for me.

He's called Liam and has apparently got brown eyes. I'm hoping to get some good photos soon.

He was a month early so he was kept in the hospital for a while but is out now. He was born in Connecticut, but I think he has gone down home to New York now. I'd love to see how my nephew Ravin is reacting to having a new baby brother. I bet he's smiling all the time and is really proud of his little brother.

04 August 2007


My parents and my fiance's parents met for the first time last weekend.

I wasn't sure how it would go but they all got on really well. All 6 of us went to the Red Panda for a meal last Saturday and it was lovely and they were all chatting away and then we went back to my parents for drinks. We had booked a taxi for midnight but everyone was having such a good time that they sent it away hehe. My dad had the Black Bush out and everyone was merry.

On friday night, Dean's parents had come round to our flat and we ordered pizza and played on the Wii and had a few drinks. I had bought them Irish Coffee glasses as a wee present and I made Irish Coffee for the first time ever and everyone liked it.

Everyone had a really good weekend so at least we know they'll all get on ok at the wedding.